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A Tribute to Simon Gavin Shanks

Simon Shanks
MATTHEW FLEET, Simon's Friend
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Simon Gavin Shanks born 1979, brother to Stuart Shanks, parents Liz and Gavin Shanks

police officer for West Midlands Police, Wolverhampton Wanderers supporter and big music fan

Son, friend, soul mate and inspiration

missed sincerely!

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A Memory of Simon by MATTHEW FLEET posted on Sun, 2/22/09, 2:47 PM

It would be an impossible task to narrow down one fond memory i had with Simon

every hour of every day is one big memory, to of had the pleasure of knowing this wonderful person will always comfort me, and to have him as a friend is an understatement he was more like a brother!

the reasons why you were taken from this world at such a young age god only knows the answer? until we meet again sleep well dear friend