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A Tribute to Richard Chartrand

Richard Chartrand
Kerri Thogerson, Richard's other
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I am Richard Chartrand's niece and I loved my uncle very much this website Warm tribute is so fitting that is exactly what he deserves is a Warm Tribute he was a loving, kind, caring, warm, thoughtful, helpful, giving, and generous person that truly loved his family and I know he loved me I hope he knew I loved him very much I only wish there was more I could do to show that. Maybe I could honor his memory by helping others. I don't know yet I am so overcome with grief right now.

Missing my uncle

A Journal Entry by Kerri Thogerson posted on Wed, 3/7/12, 5:15 PM

 I miss my uncle Richard so much everyday I still to this day can't believe he is gone I don't understand why people haveto grow old, get sick, and then die I loved him so much and he was just an all around great man to be around I know he loved me I just hope he knew that I loved him it makes me sad that I don't have more memories of him well that is all I can say right now.

Dear Richard

A Note to Richard by Kerri Thogerson posted on Tue, 3/6/12, 5:03 AM

Dear Richard,
I love you and miss you so much and when I think about you passing away I just want to cry it hurts so much I just can't believe or don't want to believe that you are gone it feels as if somebody stabbed me right in the heart and ripped out my chest why do people have to get sick and die it just is not fair I hate losing people that I love. My heart is just breaking to pieces right now will this pain ever get better? I don't know anything anymore it hurts so bad!



Memories of Uncle Richard

A Memory of Richard by Kerri Thogerson posted on Tue, 3/6/12, 4:56 AM

 The one memory I have of uncle Richard is one Christmas when my Mom lived in Arizona I rember Uncle Bud, Aunt Betty, and Uncle Richard came over to my Mom's house and we all had Christmas dinner together and we all well at least I was happy anyway and I got to talk to him, visit with him and I had a nice time. Every time when I was over at my Mom's house I got to talk to him because she talked to him every day it is just so sad now that he is gone. Talking to him is the only thing that kept me from totally losing my temper on my Mom when I was over there Yeah I am going to miss him so much