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A Tribute to Ovella C. Grier

ovella grier
Mary . walton, ovella's Mother
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"mother Grier"
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  • Who's cooking Thanksgiving Dinner ?

    posted on Thu, 9/27/07, 4:04 PM by Mary . walton

    Who's cooking Thanksgiving dinner?

    I hope all of you , who visited Mother Ovella kitchen for those " great dinners" , will remember Me this year.

    Have bags will travel ,

    I will even bring the Lemon Cake ok?

    Will travel within the USA.

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Another birthday and mothers day, without my mom

A Memory of ovella by Mary . walton posted on Mon, 5/13/13, 3:53 PM

On 5-11-2013, which was my (late mom's birthday) it has been 8 years, and on that date, I am still very sad. she is greatly missed, and on 5-12-2013 (all mothers day) it was equally as sad,but I take heart, I have very fund memories of our much she loved and cared for me, and others, her prayers carried us thru good times and bad.  Miss her good cakes and pies, so very  much, cause I don't bake. 

Mother O. Grier's Famous Lemon Cake

A Memory of ovella by Mary . walton posted on Thu, 9/27/07, 4:00 PM


                                                       Mother Ovella's Famous Lemon Cake!!!!

1 package lemon supreme cake ( duncan Hines mix)

1 package Instant lemon pudding

4 eggs

1 cup water+ 2 tablespoons

1/2 cup oil or 1 stick butter

Back : 350 degrees  Time: 35-40 mins.

When done remove from oven .Cut in squares / pour glaze over it, then return to oven for  5 mins.

To make Glaze:   1 can frozen Lemonade.  1 box confectioners sugar. Mix well .

And enjoy "mom's favorite cake.*******