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A Tribute to Linda Bayes

Linda  Bayes
LIllian Hansen, Linda 's other
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Linda was a caring and loving person. She was always happy no matter what happen in her life that was not so good. She would always talk to people like when she would go shoping and she would stop and talk to someone even if she didn't even know them. She would give you the shirt off her back. she was mine and my cousin's favorite aunt. She was well liked by so many people.
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Dear Linda

A Note to Linda by LIllian Hansen posted on Mon, 6/18/12, 3:50 AM

Dear Linda ,  I love you so much miss you just writing to tell you have 3 wonderful granson's your oldest Eric who you would of been very proud of has graduated from penstate with an accounting degree and your middle gramndson Matt has graduated from Ridley high school he is going to go to culinary school he is into baking  and your youngest Justin has got his driver permit. driver's beware. Oh and your son has been cusre Justin is his clone he act''s just like him. Your niece Kimberlyann has passed the third grade with straight A t.




                                                                                                                                           Your niece,


Dear Linda

A Note to Linda by LIllian Hansen posted on Sat, 12/24/11, 11:02 AM

Dear Linda ,
I miss you so much I wish you were here with us. I wish you could been here to have benn able to see my lovely daughter. and you could of seen you grandkids because they are great kids. You would have been so proud of your kids. they both have a good lifebetter then the life that they had has kids growing up. your family missing you so much