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A Tribute to Christopher M Daily

Christopher    Daily
Patricia Kramer, Christopher 's Mother
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Please Consider it a Blessing if You  have heard of Andy Lakey, or seen any of his artwork, or tkeald on the phone with him, or met him, or  shaked his hand, or bowed to him, or hugged him, or had lunch or dinner with him, or worked with him, or watched him paint, or watch him negotiate, or listen as part of a three-way call with him, or listen to him sing, or sing with him, or dreamed with him, or traveled with him, or laughed with him, or cried with him, or Prayed with him  I have done all of these things and so much more, I am so blessed to have Andy as my Best Friend, and now my Guardian Angel. I will forever cherish every video of 2 Guys Can’t Cook, they really do capture some of the best memories I have and remind me of so many more. I am so thankful for the example he was to me in so many areas of business and life, I will always remember his generosity that I saw over and over again and again. His desire to help others and see them succeed was truly his motivation. He always wanted to connect people to each other and plug everyone in so we all could succeed together. His belief that we could do anything together made me want to be involved in everything, and watching him fearlessly attempt the impossible made me believe we could succeed. I know I am a better person in many areas of my life because of the influence of Andy Lakey, I love him dearly, I will enjoy all these memories as I am living the rest of my life to make him proud.K. RossIt’s All GoodMatt, If you put as much heart into this as you did with the fraternity so many years ago, I know you will seueccd. I will follow your progress. Best of luck with your program!Matt,I thought of you yerestday on St. Patrick’s Day.  I am guessing your trainer gave a thumbs down to morning beers and corned beef sandwiches.  Hopefully you still had a great day, and hopefully you are still pushing hard and making good progress.  Michelle and I are thinking of you.  Tim
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Fort Louderdale fl
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A Memory of Christopher by Patricia Kramer posted on Fri, 8/5/11, 5:28 PM

This is my Son Christopher,

i would like to say this is for you son. an that you are sadly missed by Familey an Friends.