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A Tribute to Christopher Callen Burris

Christopher  Burris
Vida Burris-Murphy, Christopher 's Wife
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when I hear the song the dance I think of Cris and Vida we miss you and Jack was his little buddywow, 21 years ago today, it seems like it was only yesterday we were full of life, raising our children, going camping with family and friends, you always made my life full of fun and sunshine, haven’t felt that way in a long long time, you were such a gentle soul, a caring soul, you could lighten any dark night, or cloudy day, you were nowhere near perfect, nobody is, but your soothing yet bright personality could lift anyones spirits, I love you today just as much as I loved you back then, I just never told you enough. RIP Chris, I miss you so much, I’d love to hear your laughter again.
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Fort Hood
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Our Wedding Day

A Memory of Christopher by Vida Burris-Murphy posted on Thu, 8/18/11, 3:59 PM


It was as though it was yesterday, December 31st 1984, we both lived in Shawnee, Okla., He worked at the Alridge Motel as a night clerk and I worked as a nursing assistant at Shawnee Care Center in Shawnee.  The day was crisp, it had sleeted earlier during the day, and it was muddy, from the melted snow in the previous week.  We were both so nervous for some unknown reason, i was 24, he was 26.  someone hid the ring and Chris was so nervous that he was so worried about the ring, his parents were late, due to the weather, cause they had to drive about 100 miles, so our wedding time was about 45 minutes late.  I remember every detail about that day, and I'll never forget how i felt as a new wife, I was on top of the world.