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A Tribute to Brian Rilley

brian rilley
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Hay Priscilla.  My co-worker, Kelly Cantwell had her wdndieg at the Metropolitan Clud last July 3rd.  I can share a link with you of her wdndieg album.  Let me email it to you.  She’s also on FB.  Love ya, AMYMartin Oei, your brother is adoarble!  I believe in "唔係呢類人係唔會做呢類嘢 "  Even if your brother works at IBank, he wouldn’t be interested in nightlife.  Maybe out of curiousity, some nerds will go check out what’s fun out there.  But if they are not really interested, they wouldn’t be having fun.  I believe in "free will", people choose what they enjoy to do with their lives.  And we can see their 品質 by looking at their hobbies/activities.i am reli glad that i read this at the age of 19.  I thought stmhoeing is "wrong" with me, or my fellow single girlies but after half a year in london i reckon there isn’t.  Guys who i can tolerate are not single.  Those who are not single I don’t want to risk my reputation.  Those who like me I dun like back although i appreciate their kindness, haha.  And I can see this trend continue till i graduate when more nice guys become occupied.  Well, what can I do?  I guess, to study hard to take care of myself in the future and continue to read 亦舒, to stop my moaning. =)
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this is for you brian

A Memory of brian by janice peterson posted on Tue, 5/17/11, 6:36 PM

i love you you were a great kide at evry thing you did i dont know why this happend but god knows why even when your grandmother passed away we dident under stand that ether i hope your happy up there tell your grandmother your unkle rich and your unkle jimmy we all love them and miss them to i fell so bad for trin shes a great little girl who loved her daddy she was daddys little girl i hope she never for gets how great of a dad you were and how much you loved her so do all of us your d\going to be missed dearley love your aunt janice