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A Tribute to Leland Williams

Leland Williams
Shawna Satterfield, Leland's Nephew
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Le Le, Ling Ling
Leland, you are such a blessing that has touched everyone's heart. You may of only been on this earth for a short time , but you will forever remain in our hearts.
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A Memory of Leland by Shawna Satterfield posted on Mon, 5/28/07, 12:56 PM

literally it was just a few days ago, when we were all sitting around, and letting the babies play and visit each other. now that i

look back at that cherished moment that we all shared, i wish i could be locked into that time frame for a few more moments.

When the unexpecetd happens, it makes you think of what you would change if you could. i am just so thankful that, we all got to

visit during his short lived life on this earth, but he will forever be with us all. Especially Lou, Jimmy, and Dom.


I will never forget the picture that lou's mom took of Leland and his cousin Cheyenne. they looked so cute. we put their arms

around each other and they looked so precious together. i will never forget Dominick, running back and forth between Leland

and Chey. Kissing each one and saying bubba, (LELAND) and then kisses for sissy (CHEY). he just kept saying bubba

and baby. it was so sweet. then when they all had their pictures made together, it was hectic but it worked out perfect!!! no matter

if Leland's time was short, he blessed us all with his beautiful smile. God has him now , but he will always be Mommy's,

Daddy's, and Bubba's Sweet Little Guardian Angel.  it breaks my heart to know that you are gone but brings a smile to know that

you are laying on cloud in the sky. On everyday that a rain cloud breaks to shed just a ray of sunlight down on this earth, we will

all know that it's you checking in just to say you're still here and you are watching over!! WE LOVE YOU LE LE ! !