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A Tribute to Daryl Steven Malone

daryl malone
sylvia malone, daryl's Wife
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6 year’s have gone by..I miss you so much <br />.as you used to say to me hmbs..allways eternally .  xxxx
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manchester tn
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our wedding

A Memory of daryl by sylvia malone posted on Sat, 1/26/08, 7:27 PM

1st september 2007.....our wedding day.....that beautiful cabin in pidgeon forge tn.....gosh it was so hot.....wegot ready early and were waiting for the minister to arrive....i challenged you to a game of pool and i very nearly won...lol..it was 104 on the deck we were melting taking our vows.......rev jodie read from the book of ruth.......your home will be my home......i wish that could be so....i have been told my love i have to back to uk,,,im not allowed to stay now...but you will be with me....im taking you there ....i love you babes..xxx