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A Tribute to Thomas Bishop

thomas bishop
natasha latham, thomas's Life Partner
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Happy birthday tom miss u so much xxx
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Dear thomas

A Note to thomas by natasha latham posted on Wed, 12/31/08, 8:30 PM

Dear thomas, 


im so sorry i let u dawn im missing you more then anythink i just wish you could come back to me and kids. i cant do it with out you i just wont to be with you y could you not just see i bloody loved you and need you and so did our kids how could u do this to us i hate u 4 for leavein me y did this life have to be so crlue to us that you just cud not take it any more this world has lost a good person its just not fair wen ther all the bad ppl r walking around.i never thort i would miss you havein ago at me for been messin or spendin lol but i do i realy do i just cant belive im never goin in  to see you again u misst kierans 1st school play and liams 1st xmass and shakiera is statin pre school next week you sould be hear to see it all they would make you so proud and im never goin to let them forget u ever u was the best daddy ever y cud u not see that i just dont understand how you could think we wer better off with out you.y did you not tell me how u was feelin or did u u just propa hate me and wont to hert me or was it a cry 4 help or just a moment off madness i hate it im never going to no am i how am i going to live with that.i just hope you are up ther some wer and are happy i bet you have got an xbox360 up ther with you ant ye lol.and i hope your up ther waiting 4 me i cant wait to be with u agine but il be waitin a long time you allways said you did not wont to get old and gray lol bet wen im old your goin to be lookin dawn on me and thinking look at all that gray hair lol.i cant belive your not goin to be around to see our kids grow up.you have broken our harts and i dnt think is ever goin to get any better i would never of done this to you left u all alone coz i love you. nite nite baby yours allways tasha p.s i mean it im so sorry for leting you dawn i hate my self but i did and still do love you and allways will. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx