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Days of Mourning Part 1: The Beginning

A Warm Tribute Online Memorials by Warm Tribute Online Memorials

My father, Tommy Fung Tai Au passed away last week. It was a sudden passing that none of my family members were expecting. Just yesterday was his burial service. The attendance, ceremony, and love/support shown was more than my family could've ever expected. Though everything was beautiful and I know my father would be pleased, it doesn't help lift the heavy heart I currently feel for the loss.

I created Warm Tribute Online Memorials and Memoriam to commemorate the loss of my older brother, Eddie Au. However, it is now a dual dedication to my brother Eddie as well as my father, Tommy Au. Along with a dedication, I wanted to create a place for others to express their thoughts and emotions on having lost a loved one. I believe this helps to relieve the emotional stress placed upon us who have/are going through this time of mourning.

Though I should probably be writing all my thoughts within my personal journal associated with Eddie and my dad, Tommy, I have decided to instead write articles about how I am handling this - yet another emotional time in my life. Perhaps through my words, I can not only help myself but also reach out to whomever is out there and truly help someone in need. At this point, I am hopeful that I will be able to turn my sorrow into strength for the loved ones I have lost.

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