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A Tribute to Howard Eugene McMahan

Howard McMahan
Pamela Scardina, Howard's Daughter
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Lawrenceburg TN
Ardmore OK
Chef Boy-R-Betty
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  • Memories

    posted on Sat, 7/9/11, 11:47 PM by Darwin McMahan

    Howard & Billy,

    I have been thinking about you two lately. I know we were never very close because you two were older than me, however I am glad that we were having good conversations before your departure from this life and into eternal life. Billy, I remember when you lived in Durant and I would come visit and drive your Volkswagen around all day on 5.00 dollars of gas. I also remember riding the motorcycle back in the freezing cold weather. Howard, I remember when you and your friends all went to Texas and bought your Harley's. You never knew it, but I tried to ride it in the back yard but could not do it because I was to little (bet I could ride it now......lol). I just wanted you two to know that I LOVE YOU AND MISS YOU.



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Dear Howard

A Note to Howard by Gail Shelton posted on Mon, 7/4/11, 11:24 PM

Dear Howard,
Please help me out.........sometimes I have no idea what to do......you and billy left me and I'm so sad..I miss you two so much...I walked in atmom and dad's today and it hit me that they're old and I know that someday they'll be gone too and I don't want to lose anyone else...I know it's part of life though but what will I do without them??? It's been hard without you and Billy already......please remember I love you guys

Dear Howard

A Note to Howard by Brandy Bentley posted on Sat, 5/21/11, 4:15 PM


Hey Uncle "H" to this day you never cease to amaze me.. Its weird I know, but even when times seem rough your voice seems to echo the right words in my ear. I know you and Uncle Billy will always be with us just as other loved ones have stayed with us even after the fact. However you are the strongest, I feel your presence and I still see your goofy looks as you roll your eyes. Im thankful for how close we got, you truely did become like a second dad to me. I miss you so much!! I want you to know how much I will always love you and even though I dont feel that you had enough time here, im very greatful for the time you had. We may never bake or cook like you, but I hope you are smiling everytime Pam and I try.. 



Dear Howard

A Note to Howard by Pamela Scardina posted on Thu, 5/19/11, 10:59 PM

Dad I have been having a real hard time with you being gone, but today I swear I heard your voice telling me I'm ok baby I'm ok. Strange as it maybe today was the first time I havent broke down and cried at least 5 times. I know you are in heaven watching me now but I would love for you to be here just so I could talk to you. I miss you so much but I am happy to know you have no more pain. I know that me wanting you back here is selfish but I know I will see you again one day, I love you Daddy


Dear Howard

A Note to Howard by Pamela Scardina posted on Tue, 5/17/11, 9:13 AM

Dear Howard,


just been having a rough couple of days could really use my daddy just to talk to. I miss you and love you

Dear Howard

A Note to Howard by Brandy Bentley posted on Mon, 4/18/11, 6:26 PM

Dear Howard,

            Uncle "H" I will never understand all the why's of what you did,but I will always love you, and I will forever miss you!!!


Love You Chef Boy-R-Betty


Always & Forever