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A Tribute to Henry Coleman Rowell

Henry Rowell
Sara Bragayrac, Henry's other
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Too a good father,you're truely missed and deeply loved,,thought about everyday.We love you for all that you've done for us,you will always be in our hearts and prayers ,,and never farfrom our thoughts and memories ,,the man that thought me hard work always pays off,,and i and we admire you for all that you taught us to be ,,,We love you so much,,but god say it fit for his angel to come home to him,,,hey dad that girl look like she got flea's lol,,, Always daddies little girl,and always daddies baby girl,,
  • Always loved and thought about

    posted on Mon, 6/1/09, 6:16 PM by Sara Bragayrac

     you we're took from us not to suffer ,,and go through the treatments and pain,God knew what his angel could and couldn't handle,,i'm just blessed to of had the time that i did with his angel and for that i am greatful,still feeling like are time was cut to short i am happy of the time that we did have,and the love and memories that we shared ,,i wish that you we're still with us  ,,but i know that your not in any pain,and your health is restored back to you ,,i will be glad the day that we are reunited again,,I will always love you dad and miss you each and every day,,,,                                                                         Always daddies little girl,and always daddies baby girl,,          ;-) sara ;-)

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A Memory of Henry by Sara Bragayrac posted on Mon, 6/1/09, 6:06 PM

There are so many funny moment's with my dad,,we used to go fishing every summer that was his favorite thing to do or work on his car and he would say if you didnt catch the biggest fish you had to walk home lol,,,i remember this time we we're somewhere and it was my dad me and my brothers and are best friend arty, and we we're standing outside this place waiting for my mother and he said hhmmm that girl look like she got flea's lol ,,and it was the way he said it and in the voice he said it in that was so funny,,, we all started laughing  for like 10 mins,,,or when we was little and he took me and my brothers to the store and told us you can get whatever you want anything,,,ooo boyy we came back home with sub's soda's,candy,chips,drain cleaner,,everything my mom was kinda upset but she thought that it was funny after while,,or this time that my ex-boyfriend took me out to his house and you know dad's can look at some boys and tell that they're not right because he told hum right from the door i have a double barrel shot gun in the house if you hurt or tough my baby lol,,boyy did he wanna just speed outta there,but i could never do no wrong even when i was little he would tell my mom dont touch that girl when i was about to get a beating thats my baby dont touch my baby lol,,                                                       truely good memories                                

Sara   ;-)

Dear Henry

A Note to Henry by Sara Bragayrac posted on Mon, 6/1/09, 5:24 PM



There's not a day that goes by when i don't wanna cry and break down.The only thing's that keep me going is knowing you're not in pain anymore ,that your with your Mother,and everybody else that has left before you,or just remembering that even when you we're sick you tried to make me laugh still you would tell me when i get my license back your going to be the first one i take for a ride,,and that was one thing that i looked forward too,along with you getting better dad there's so many thing's that i wanted to say to you now and even more before,we both had our faults,but no matter what i could never say that i hated you or stay mad at you for anything,, your passing took me off of my feet totally,,it's so hrd to explain how i felt and still how i feel,alotta people say that it gets easier and i think, what they mean to say is ,,maube one day you won't cry as mich as the rest but it doesnt get easier,,to think of all the things that we we're robbed of walking me down the aisle when the time comes seeing your grand children being born seeing me grauate everything thing little and bigg,there are so many things that i wish that i could take back say and doo,, and thats what hurts the most knowing i wont get too do any of them thing's,,but i am thankful of what we did have and that is true unconditional love and a bond unbreakable ,,,i'll miss you everyday and i know that wont change,and if anything comes outta this i love more and deeper and cheerish every family memeber that i do have ,and the time that i have with them,not taking anything for granted ,,i love you so much and miss you more then words can say but hey dad remember this,,,,,,That girl looked like she got Flea's lol    Always my love And always your baby girl       Sara,,